How Big an ATV?

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How Big an ATV?

Postby C Broad Arrow » Sun Aug 28, 2011 6:11 pm

I have two properties that I hunt. The first is a combination farm and woods with steep hills, but a trail that winds throught the propoerty. The use is primarily setting stands, planting food plots,pulling deer out and other maintenance chores. The second is a wilderness camp that is ATV access only during the season. All gear is brought in by ATV on a trailer- so hauling is an issue. I do most of my hunting on foot...but it would allow me to explore other areas. THis is dense bush country. Lots of rocks.

So my question is what size of ATV are you folks using? Manouverabilty is a key concern.

What are you suggestions for a manufacturer, model, engine size, and accessories.

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