Are Farm Deer Wildlife or Ag Products?

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RE: Are Farm Deer Wildlife or Ag Products?

Postby zos41 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:33 am

Deer behind a high fence should not be considered wild deer and shooting one is not hunting. I would make an exception for places like texas where the high fence may enclose several thousand acreas

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RE: Are Farm Deer Wildlife or Ag Products?

Postby Gulfcapt » Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:41 am

I believe its us that migrated to the ancestors WW... Im not going to pretend I know alot about a Farm raised deer, So here is my question to you Buckresearch. How do you keep deer from cross breeding, lets say after 10 years on 1500 acre high fence ranch? atleast Free roaming fawn will leave there area after the first year to help prevent this from happening... But a fenced deer? After years of breeding wouldn't you eventually have a BIG problem with Cross breeding in your heard, and possibilities of disease's??
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[font="Verdana"][/font]You do to deer hunting what was done to pheasant hunting, and then wild deer hunting will cease to exist.

Suburban deer more confined than a fenced in deer??? Please.....a suburban deer may have a smaller home range, but it's still FREE. That is the essence of what we are talking about. That deer can STILL go wherever it wants to, and just by the fact that there ARE wild deer in suburban areas where there were none 25 years ago PROVES that. Their ancestors CHOSE to migrate to those areas. They weren't put there by someone seeking economic reward.

I can understand someone who has an economic interest in deer farming seeing it the way you do. It's about money....YOUR money. But IMO, you're still killing what makes hunting "HUNTING". Preserve pheasant hunting is really more pheasant SHOOTING than hunting. A deer farm hunting operation, while being challenging, still must guarantee a certain degree of success, or people will stop paying BIG bucks for something they can do for free or a comparatively low fee.

Call me weird, but I actually ENJOY being skunked when it happens, as it reinforces for me that it IS still a wild animal, and that it still truly is a "HUNT", and not a "SHOOT".

The day that I must become a deer shooter as opposed to a deer HUNTER is the day I stop hunting.


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