What Does It Cost To Hunt Where You Live?

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What Does It Cost To Hunt Where You Live?

Postby Wanderer » Sat Jun 06, 2009 3:54 am

I just finished reading msbadger's post regarding her decision to not purchase certain licenses this year due to NYS increasing their license costs. That got me thinking about what license fees would cost in the various states represented here.
Let's just assume that everyone wants to hunt with a bow, a muzzle loader, and the shotgun/rifle season.
Let's also add spring turkey and small game licenses along with annual fishing. Being good stewards, we should also have at least one antlerless tag.
Here in Indiana, the new rules and prices have not yet been published, so I'm operating on 2008 information here.
Annual Hunting $17.00
  Deer Gun       $24.00
  Deer Bow       $24.00
  Muzzle Loader $24.00
 Antlerless Tag  $24.00
  Spring Turkey $25.00
 Habitat Stamp $ 5.75
Annual fishing   $17.00
To do all the above would cost you $161.75. We could buy a combo fishing/small game hunting and save $9.00 for a new total of $152.75.
(By the way, antlerless tag is $24.00 for the 1st one and $15.00 for any after that. Tag is good for any deer season)
Deer gun is buck only. Bow and ML deer licenses are one deer either sex. Bad part is that Indiana is a one buck state. Kill one with the bow like I did last year, and your recently purchased gun license becomes a $24.00 donation to the state. This year we're gonna wait until gun season opens before buying a license.
These prices seem kinda high to me. I've only been here two years now. When I left Alabama in 2007, I could still purchase a combination hunting / fishing license for $24.50. That license covered me for deer hunting whether I used a bow,rifle or muzzle loader. Add to that the limit of 2 deer a day for 74 days, and you can see where I'd get sticker shock in Indiana.
What does it cost where you live/hunt?

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RE: What Does It Cost To Hunt Where You Live?

Postby nateberly » Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:49 am

I only firearms hunt, and when I was a resident of MN it was 26.00. I should have bought a lifetime license for 573.00 before I moved away. Now when I come back in the fall to hunt, a NR license is 141.00!
I don't mind contributing to the DNR, but it is a lot of money for some people. I think I will wait to try bowhunting until I move back, that is another 141.00 if I am a nonresident.

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RE: What Does It Cost To Hunt Where You Live?

Postby DeerCamp » Sat Jun 06, 2009 6:09 am

Here in Michigan, its $15 bucks for one tag, and $30 for a combo, which allows you to shoot 2 bucks, one must have 4 or more points on one side, or a doe and a buck. I usally always buy the combo and then buy a doe tag which is also $15 bucks. The tags are good for both bow and gun season.
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RE: What Does It Cost To Hunt Where You Live?

Postby passin through » Sat Jun 06, 2009 6:37 am

For Louisiana:

Basic Season (Excluding Big Game) [align=right]$15.00[/align] Big Game (Required for deer, turkey or bobcat hunt in addition to basic license) [align=right]$14.00[/align] Bow License  [align=right]$10.50[/align] Primitive Firearms      [align=right]$10.50[/align] Migratory Waterfowl Conservation License (State Duck License) [align=right]$5.50[/align][align=right]
[/align]Wild Turkey Stamp (Required of all Turkey hunters in addition to basic and big game licenses) [align=right]$5.50[/align]Canada Goose Permit          [align=right]$5.00[/align] WMA Hunting Permit (age 18-59) Anyone who hunts on any land administered by the Department including Wildlife Refuges and Wildlife Management and Habitat Conservation Areas        
[/align]Hook & Line (cane pole)                                                                $ 2.50
 Basic Fishing 
[align=right]$ 9.50

[align=left]Saltwater License (Basic Fishing Required)
[align=right]$ 5.50

[align=left]All told if you want to do it all and hunt on public land you would be looking at 98.50 per year

Its a much better buy to just get a combo fishing and hunting lifetime license for 500 that covers all of these.  I had some friends who went together and got me one for a wedding present----one of the coolest (my opinion only) wedding gifts ever![:D]

Out of state for one year you are looking at about 500 for all.
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RE: What Does It Cost To Hunt Where You Live?

Postby OHhunter » Sat Jun 06, 2009 7:40 am


* Hunting license $19.00
* Either sex deer permit $24.00
* Antlerless deer permit $15.00
* Spring Turkey permit $24.00
* Fall Turkey permit $24.00

There are different zones but where I'm at I can kill a total of six deer 3 on either sex permits but only one buck per season and then another 3 on antlerless permits. I usually by 2 antlerless permits and my either sex permit, 2 spring turkey permits plus of course my hunting license, so I pay $121 annually.



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RE: What Does It Cost To Hunt Where You Live?

Postby reeper0697 » Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:16 am

I was always curious about this and thought about making a thread but never did.
I am glad you started it Wanderer because I have always been interested in what others pay to hunt and fish in their state.
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RE: What Does It Cost To Hunt Where You Live?

Postby Bowtechian » Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:34 pm

Pennsylvania license fees don't seem too bad compared to other states represented here. Since I currently only buy the first three on the list, it almost seems cheap.
Adult resident: $20.70 ( includes buck tag, small game, fall turkey, & spring gobbler )
Archery: $16.70
Antlerless deer: $6.70
Muzzleloader: $11.70
Bear: $16.70
Furtaker: $20.70
Migratory game bird: $3.70
You can get a second Spring Gobbler permit for $21.70.
Dave M.

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RE: What Does It Cost To Hunt Where You Live?

Postby msbadger » Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:14 am

Thanks Wanderer...it's a good post...some have it easier.... others way worse than us N.Y hunters....as you may have noticed from my post it's the Doe tag thing that bothers me...has for years...they also are having the out of state hunters pay the same for doe tags as the resident hunters...they are making the cost to fish in N.Y. so high it could cripple the guide industry...inorder to raise money.... but not charging more for non residents to shoot our doe herd?.....Disclaimer The DEC just makes me crazy all the way around.....ppl here are GIVING their lands to the land conservancy.....and in turn they have been SELLING that land to the state!....Why...would the state not put into place the same type of contract and use the same tax break and encourage ppl to give their lands to the state instead?....and yes if you are a tax exempt farmer raising crops to sell or animals and as a side line leasing your land for hunters...then pay for those nuisence permits.....point is some things the state does looses money in the long run and others they won't do.... costs them more in the long run...ppl and businesses are starting to.... not trickle out of but flee NY

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RE: What Does It Cost To Hunt Where You Live?

Postby willseyville » Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:59 am

to answear the qestion 88 dollars for a supper sportsmen . msbager i agree. as a farmer i never have or will  apply for nuisence permits. i know in the ithaca area they are talking about hiring a pro. hunter to shoot a 100 does to cut down the number . the raise in fees and tags they say are to make up for the money they cut form the dec budget it's always the sportmen and women who have to make it up and have little to say on what it's use for[;)] wayne

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RE: What Does It Cost To Hunt Where You Live?

Postby msbadger » Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:12 am

Ya know Wayne...some may think "what a whiner" but my gosh NY state wasn't happy enough to kill us in taxes for years and years now they are going to finish us off with user fees[>:]....I know you farmers have it hard with the reg. bugs...preditors...turkeys(your in grape country)...they can be worse than the deer....Let alone the "corporate" farms that are taking over...which actually for all I know your one...but it makes it tough on the small farms...which is why there are so many "wind farms" it that and now our area...for those big farms it's not as big a hassel to go through the reg. to get nuisence permits especially for good paying leases...for the small guy the time and paper work is a deterant especially if you rent a lot of land....I spoke of taxes ...Ithica! god the cost of living down there is wild!...one of our kids has to commute from Corning to Ithica every day because rent is so bad....Now how much do you think that they will have to pay a guy to shoot 100 doe? Is it in the city?...Rochester tried that a few years back....but they shortened the season for bow hunters...why not lower the amount of land you need to own to get a land owners permit?...hell banks don't like giving morgages on lrg parcels of land...thats why you have so many 20 - 40 acre parcels....charge hunters more then hire "pro Hunters" [8|]...maybe I'm just missing something [&o]


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