weather and preparation

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weather and preparation

Postby jbe » Sun Nov 01, 2009 7:46 am

The weather here in MS has hampered preparation for this year's season greatly. We have had an over abundance of rain this year. 16 inches+ over average. I finally got 8 plots planted on my 240 acres last Monday. The rainfall, and bumper acorn crop might be of great help to the herd though. Last year I noticed alot of twins, most of which have survived. I learned this in the course of my weekly wanderings around my property. A long, wet, green period, and the new regulations in place here might really pay off in better quality bucks, and a proper sense of management. For too long younger bucks were taken before they could challenge for a place amongst the breeding bucks in this area. Our ratios are out of whack, but lately there are enough hunters taking does, and with hunting pressure being what it is in my area, I have been able to back off from doe harvesting quite a bit, and have found that my property is attracting more and more new bucks of better quality from other adjacent areas, due to the number of breeding does that range my prop. as well as those passing through it to avoid said hunting pressure. It does make the rut longer, and that might not be so good. I'm not sure. The older bucks seem to go nocturnal quickly in this area, and that makes it a challenge.
REAL proper QDM is a task here. With a relatively small property area, and unwilling neighbors, i wonder WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE THE MOST OF MY EFFORTS IN THIS REGARD?

Thank you D&DH for an informative show and site.

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