Missouri Seedling Orders Available Online

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Missouri Seedling Orders Available Online

Postby ranwin33 » Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:21 am

Looking to improve your property, a fairly inexpensive way to start is by ordering seedlings through the MCD - http://mdc.mo.gov/forest/nursery/seedling/
I put my order in every year and in December it always seems like a good idea.  But come March/April when those 100 or so trees need to go in the ground, I ask myself what was I thinking.
Here's my order for this year, guess I'll be asking myself again what I thought I was doing.[:)]
Price per bundle               Quantity                             Com. name
$8.00                                     1 bundles                            Roughleaf dogwood
$8.00                                     1 bundles                            Wild Plum
$8.00                                     1 bundles                            Gray Dogwood
$15.00                                   1 bundles                            Conservation Bundle (30 seedlings)
$8.00                                     1 bundles                            Silky Dogwood
$8.00                                     1 bundles                            Elderberry
$6.00                                     1 bundles                            Pitch x Lobolly Pine
                                                180 seedlings
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