Wind Proof

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RE: Wind Proof

Postby beagleman23 » Sat Jan 31, 2009 2:44 am

If your done growing and serious about the sport I would buy the best fleece or wool garments you can possibly afford.  Otherwise you'll just keep upgrading.
I did find a real bargin a year or two ago at Gander Mountain, a outfitter camo fleece jacket with wind stopper.  It's very light weight, has hood, is very quiet, draw string bottom, elastic cuffs(I don't like) and dries fairly quick.  I got it after season for $50(retailed $79) but my friend went in a week or so later and got it for $39.

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RE: Wind Proof

Postby EatDeer » Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:12 am

Nikon progear sells some really nice hunting gear. I gotta pop for Carhartt, and dont forget the layers, layers , layers! Something that really helps me stay warmer, is hand warmer packets, you may want to search-out "the heat factory" line up.  I've been wanting to buy a wisconsin "heater body suit" for some time now, as I've heard good reviews for the product. 
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RE: Wind Proof

Postby wack » Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:02 am

 My first camo suit was a 4 in 1 parka made by Walls. I paid around $300 for the pants and jacket. Warm quiet, waterproof, breathable, I really like them. A couple years later I find the same suit for less than half the price I paid as a close out. The last I saw them was in the Sportsman's warehouse. They maybe all gone now but there's always the next line that's getting closed out or discontinued.
 Not so funny story, I went spring turkey hunting a few years ago and had a great day. I was wearing my brand new $400 Scentblocker carbon suit. My friend and I called in some nice birds and we tagged 3 of them. I carried the 3 birds back while my friend carried the guns. Back at my truck I took my camo off, stuffed it into a garbage bag and tossed it into my front seat.

 I got home late that night, took care of my birds, locked my gear up in my truck and went to bed. Didn't hunt the next day, didn't drive my truck either. The 2nd morning I got up early to go calling for another hunter, jump in my truck and notice a chocolate chip cookie I left on the seat, in a zip lock baggie, was now a shredded bag full of crumbs and crumbs all over the drivers seat and a big chunk of cookie by the door. Ain't that cute, I've got rodents in my truck and they got my cookie, no big deal, until I meet my friend, grab the garbage bag to get dressed into my new camo. I take the pants out, hold them up and showed them to my friend and he asks,"what's with all the holes?"
OMG was I instantly enraged! My new pants had been eaten! Every single place that the turkey's touched the pants, or my hands put turkey blood scent on the pants, the rodents ate! Where I grabbed the pants to open or close the leg zippers, fly zipper, pockets, back side pockets and legs where the birds bounced off my legs while walking them out, it looked like some kind of acid attack, only worse, the damn critters even ate the zipper teeth in one place.What would do that?

 Well, this was war! I set about 2 dozen mouse and rat traps all over in my truck, and it didn't take long to catch the culprits. GERBILS! My neighbors were too dumb to separate the boys from the girls so when they got too many, they let them go in the back yard! It took over 2 years to get rid of all the Gerbils that had colonized my compost pile. My personal Caddy Shack war. lol If you're children want Gerbils for pets, look them up on the internet and find out why California and other states have banned them.
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