Whats up Montana Hunters?

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Whats up Montana Hunters?

Postby Savage30.06 » Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:46 am

Anyone get on these boards?

My name is Kevin and I just signed up here, looking for advice and information on hunting in Montana. The season is quickly coming to a close and I've only filled my general tag, got a little 2point muely.

I'm going out sunday to cooney to try and get my doe tag filled.

Anyone know where the whitetail like to hide? I did a 4 day camping trip basically near the bimbo mine past nigh, we were going for elk, ended up watching a herd of about 200 hang out of private land all after noon, pretty much how the entire trip went. Seems like there is more private land out here then there is state land, and the private land owners wont let you hunt their property ( funny that they still get money from uncle sam for property damage from the deer they let graze on their fields )

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