Montana ends outfitter sponsored non-res tags

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Ben Sobieck
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Montana ends outfitter sponsored non-res tags

Postby Ben Sobieck » Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:35 am

Source: Great Fall Tribune

When Montanans voted Tuesday to abolish the outfitter set- aside big game licenses, they declared for all to see how seriously they take their hunting privileges.

The fact that Initiative 161 passed by about 54 percent, which is no landslide, indicates how torn voters were over the measure.

I-161 abolishes 7,800 nonresident outfitter sponsored licenses and puts them into the pool with other nonresident hunting licenses. Now everybody has to draw for those elk and deer tags — it's not a matter of just writing a check and being certain of getting one.

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RE: Montana ends outfitter sponsored non-res tags

Postby dewey » Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:56 pm

As a non resident hunter that had the pleasure of hunting elk & deer in SW MT last fall I was VERY disappointed to see this misguided measure pass.  Yes it does get rid of the guaranteed tags that were outfitter sponsored but they jacked up the rate of the general tags that the everyday DIY hunter uses.

Here is a list of the tags what they cost in 2010 and what they cost in 2011
2010 Deer combination outfitter sponsored (Guaranteed)- $995
2010 Deer combination - general drawing $343
2011 Deer combination - general drawing $527

2010 Big game combination outfitter sponsored (Guaranteed) - $1250
2010 Big game combination - general drawing $643
2011 Big game combination - general drawing $897

They, MT FWP, are sticking it to the NR DIY hunters while the people that are going to go through an outfitter get a tag for cheaper.  Yes the tag is not guaranteed but the drawing odds before were roughly 50-55% and now with a lot of folks not going to MT any more I bet the odds are closer to 75% or more.

The motel owners, gas station, sporting goods and other businesses will suffer because of the money that won't becoming into MT anymore.

just my 2 cents.

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Re: Montana ends outfitter sponsored non-res tags

Postby Montana Man » Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:24 pm

I as a landowner was happy to see that the measure pass and we got rid of the outfitters who broke and bent the rules to get their clients the biggest animals using anything from trespassing to poaching. I hated the fact that when the bill was created they through in that stupid raising the rate for all tags. This is not a sport for the rich. Every person should have the right to hunt and be out doors. Now the state of Montana has tags that are $200-$300 more than Idaho and $300-$400 more than Wyoming. They not only are kicking out people to hunt but they are hurting local economies with fewer people coming in to eat, drink, and rent hotel rooms. The rural areas wait all year long for hunting season to make the majority of their money and now it's not coming. Our elected officials have not only hurt the out of state hunters by raising the price of tags, but also the small business in the state of Montana. I am not impressed with them or the GF&P who think they can do whatever they want and not answer to anybody. Our state is REALLY screwed up!!!

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