Bow Hunter Blues

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Bow Hunter Blues

Postby bowforsho » Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:06 pm

Hi everyone.  Right now I am having the Bow Hunter Blues.  I only bow hunt because I enjoy getting up close and personal with the hunt.  It also adds an additional element of difficulty.  My buddies that hunt with rifles have their tags filled and are happy as a clam.  Not that I have not seen activity, but they have not come in close enough and I could not get several to come in closer.  I had 3 does at 65 yards.  Beautiful and healthy ladies.  I clearly could have hit them, but I will not take a shot over 55 yards.  Up to 50 yards is my sweet spot, after that it gets less effective and I am not one to leave a deer wounded.  My brother-in-law on the other hand could not care less. 
So all I am asking is that you keep me in your thoughts my friends.  I will be out there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Then after the 5th there will be no more firearms out there and I will have the woods more to myself.

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