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RE: Notes from the field...

Postby DeanoZ » Thu Dec 18, 2008 6:18 am

The last couple hunts have been relatively uneventful and just eerily quiet.  The fw deer i have seen have been ones I jumped while driving on my way to my hunting spot.  The trail cam has shown a few does in my usal spots but no bucks.  I would say the rut is practically over, but I hunted a new stand location today, saw nothing, but heard them a couple hundred yards north of the stand...I checked it out and sure enough a fresh there is at least one bruiser still looking to hook up with an estrus doe.  for sure they are in the thick stuff, but there is thick stuff in all 1200 acres of the area I hunt so pinning down the food source, bedding area has proved challenging.  I think I'll set up a ground blind near the scrape i saw and see if I can't coax this bruiser to make an appearence.  For now my plan is to scout more and hunt least until i can determine their location.


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