Hate it when that happens...

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Hate it when that happens...

Postby DeanoZ » Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:58 am

Well the seeking phase has definately started in Jersey.  So I'm in my stand this morning, postioned near a scrape line...8:30am rolls around and the woods are quiet...its overcast and a light mist in the area, and warm (60 degrees) for a Nov morning.  Glassing the area with my new bino's and satisfied that there ain't a thing in the woods this morning I'm ready to pack it in..and then I look behidn me and over my right shoulder..and staring back at me is an 8 pointer tearing up a scrape!  I damn near crapped myself because he came out of nowhere!  I froze...couldn't move ( I was sitting at the time) or get up from seat, he was too close and with him beating up the licking branch he'd of seen my movement.  He made quick work of the scrape, maybe spent 20-30 seocnds and started crossing directly in front of my stand about 10yrds in front...would have been the perfect quartering away shot but as I'm about to stand he looks my way and spots me...he freezes, I freeze..we stare each other down for eternity as if to say "Go ahead..make a move!"  Well he made his and trotted off 40 yrds behind trees before I could get off a shot...I quickly went for the Buck roar, gave two quick grunts and whatta yanno..he stops, this thing really does work!!??  I give it another grunt in the hopes of enticing him back towards me, no luck, he trots off over the ridgeline.  He was a damn fine and mature 8 too, but he'll be back I hope..and so will I!

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