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New to the State

Postby scottflesher » Thu Feb 02, 2012 8:05 pm

Fellow New Yorkers,
I'm new to the state and wanted to know more from experienced hunters of the state, preferrably residents. Coming from Ohio, I must admit that the state's website for hunting is somewhat confusing. Here are a few questions I have regarding whitetail hunting in the state:
* When does archery season begin and end?
* What does "regular" season mean? GUN???--if so rifle, shotgun???
* Is Saratoga County decent hunting?

Anything else I need to know?

A little about me to aid in any responses, I'm primarly a bow hunter. I eat venison but am more of a mature buck hunter. I recently moved to southern Saratoga county and while i'm not far away from Albany and Clifton Park, i'm near some smaller woodlots that look like they'd hold some decent deer. In reviewing the information on the state's website, it appears that the antlered buck harvest in this county is somewhat low. Is that because the deer density isn't good or because most of the hunters go to more secluded areas (NW New York)?

Any feedback you could provide would be great.

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