Sometimes they sneak up on you

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Sometimes they sneak up on you

Postby vipertech » Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:36 am

So yesterday (Oct 27) I'm sitting in my south stand. I'm facing due west. Gusty winds from the SSW were fairly strong.  At 8:30am I look over to my right (looking NW) and I see a deer about 70 yards away.  Seems like it would smell me but it didn't act like it.  So I hit it with the can call and it appears to work my way.  But then I loose sight of it behind some trees.  I could not locate it at all.  I'm looking hard when all of a sudden, from directly behind and almost right under me, I hear a deer alarm snort!  It darts aways directly north, to my right and then stops about 50 or 60 yards aways.  Dayum!!  It's a nice 10-pointer.  Needless to say I was bummed.  When he moved down the hill, I decided to try to quickly move to my northern stand, upwind of his last location, hoping maybe to intercept him but no luck.  I remained there until noon then got some lunch.
I went back to the south stand around 1:30pm.  About 4:30pm I see a deer coming in from my left, from the SW.  I hit it with the can call and it eventually works right in to my stand.  It's a young buck with spike horns. But the spikes have some nubs making it a 6-point.  The deer presented me with several perfect shots but I let him walk.  I still had the 10-pointer on my mind and there was plenty of time left.  Unfortunately, he never showed.  Hopefully I can encounter him again this coming weekend.

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RE: Sometimes they sneak up on you

Postby msbadger » Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:17 am

Sounds like a great hunt ...sorry the ten booked...been there....but things are heating up so he'll be back [;)]

Speaking of sneaking up Yesterday I went to a new stand ...a favorite that over looks the gully and a ridge above me funnels into....I put down a drag rag and walked to the stand and past it for a ways then back and hung it 10yrds settled and did a couple of doe bleats.....I was facing where I'd walked 4pm I see movement 9yrds off the trail I'd walked and 50-60 yrds out....I watched as a deer crawled out from under a rotted log and stood to first I thought it was a big doe because it's back side looked big but then it turned and it was a button buck....I'm in a stand 22ft up and the deer is on an up hill incline from should have been able to see me walking around easily...he just licked the log he'd been nestled under and then walked straight across the woods...licking rotted logs and headed to the neighbors pines.....he knew more than I... because he no sooner left the fog rolled in and it rained but good! Never saw another thing....Wow they just amaze me!

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