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RE: dig out those pics

Postby coach » Tue Feb 24, 2009 2:13 pm

Sorry guys.....I didn't know we weren't aloud to show pics of yearling.
The bad news....I didn't get him weighed.  But  its the biggest deer shot in the area.  The biggest one shot before mine....was shot by another member of our camp..was 229 lbs.(dress)
That member says mine was quite heavier. When the MNR saw the buck, he was quite impressed.
He said the deer was over 250 lbs.  But then again....how many times do we hear that.
I've scored many deer and is usually pretty accurate. I'm always off by over or minus and inch or so.
I've scored mine at 136 gross......134 1/2 net.  He is almost a perfect 8.  The brow tine is the biggest difference.
some of you have seen this before....but for those who hasn't.

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