Darned Spike !

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Darned Spike !

Postby fasteddie » Thu Oct 23, 2008 5:24 pm

I was hunting in Geneseo this am . Used a different stand . I saw 4 doe and a fawn near 7:30 . They were working their way toward where I was positioned . A couple doe got within 60 yards of me . All of a sudden I saw this deer running around . Thought it had eaten some loco weed until I realized it was a spike and he was chasing the does . They didn't want any part of him and ran off .
I guess if NY ever legalize Cross-Guns , i'll have to spend $1600 on a Bowtech Stryker . It shoots 405 fps and the guy at Bowtech Customer Service told my son that the guys at the factory can shoot softball size groups at 100 yards . I can just picture those does screaming ---- "incoming" !
Saw a couple more doe around 9:30 way up across the fields .  NO COOPERATION !

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