It looks like Law now

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It looks like Law now

Postby Cut N Run » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:04 pm

I just got through reading on that it was going to be legal to hunt with a crossbow during any time that bowhunting is permitted and it will now be legal to bowhunt on private land on Sundays. Archery season will also be cut by one week and the muzzleloader season will be changed from one week to two.

Last Spring, I got a permit to hunt with a crossbow due to a disability I suffered from a bad car wreck where I was T-boned 3 years ago. It wasn't worth what it took to get it, but I am completely thrilled to be able to hunt during archery season again.

I hope the new regulations help bring the deer population back under control and the new regulations also give more hunters the opportunity to enjoy the pursuit.

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