carolina hunting adventures

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carolina hunting adventures

Postby krawiech » Tue Nov 23, 2010 12:15 am

i just returned from a 5 day hunt with the above outfitter the lodging conditions were superb the owner and his wife cooked all the meala for the week if went to bed hungry it was your fault everything they cooked tasted great the hunt itself was an example of what a good outfitter should do i am a disabled hunter confined to a wheelchair my brother is also disabled but not confined to a wheelchair as of this time the first day i brought my own seat and it became very uncomfortable the owner rick saw this and said from now on we will bring a swivel seat from the lodge everyday for me and my brother you hunted a different stand every day never in the 5 days did you hunt a stand you used before the owner helped me into and out of every stand he secured a ground blind around me at all times he backed up a truck to help my brother climb into a shooting house i was lucky enough to shoot a buck which the outfitter took care of for me and any hunterson his hunts there were a total of 8 hunters that week a really good expierence it was the best outfitter hunt i have ever been on i would recommend them to anyone who wants a quality hunt but he states before you go do not expect to see large racked deer there are a lot of spikes 4 6 8 point bucks with a lot of does you are allowed 2 bucks and 3 does over 5 days with a fine for shooting button bucks this is really good hunt hank k

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