evening hunt 11/24

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evening hunt 11/24

Postby epd68 » Thu Nov 26, 2009 12:22 pm

uneventful is the word ......the woods were silent not even squirrels moving there was quite a bit of fog in the morning and at last light although i saw no deer the stillness was pleasant and relaxing no demands,no pages ,no cell phone for some reason i was not all that bothered that i would have no deer arrowed going into thanksgiving for the first time in 10years....next hunt will be the evening of 11/28 the last hunt before all the shooting starts and although i am a die hard bow hunter i will be on stand before first light with my shotgun on opening monday to continue the tradition of those who came before me and to set the example of my two young boys who will hopefully take up the gun and bow and venture into the deer woods.....all that was old is new again ...........happy thanksgiving and good hunting to you and yours

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