What have you used for bugs this year?

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What have you used for bugs this year?

Postby 3 to 1 » Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:19 am

I used the new thermacell unit during scouting time. It worked pretty good. You have to make sure you have it on before the bugs show up. The first time I had it out, I waited 'til the bugs started showing up and it took 15 - 20min. to clear the area. The next couple of times I turned it on sooner - no bugs. I have not used it when a deer was within bow range, but I watched a couple of does at about 70yrds. with the wind at my back. They didn't seem to react any differently. The bugs haven't been real bad to often, but a couple of times they did come out heavy.

What are the rest of you guys using?

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