Anybody hunt in Bath (summit county)?

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Anybody hunt in Bath (summit county)?

Postby LongCut » Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:54 pm

Ay of you guys hunt in Bath? A friend of mine just bought 2 neighboring properties, totaling a little over 4 acres. Se claims to have deer in her yard on an almost daily basis. It sounds like ti has some promise!

I have permission to hunt a couple amazing properties, so I am not starved for places to hunt. But this place is about 15 minutes from me, as compared to the hour or so the other spots take to get to.

Im thinking this could be a spot that I utilize on days when my time is short.

Any opinions on he area or special regs I need to be concerned with? I was surprised to find out you. An gun hunt there. Initially i was told it is archery only, and you have to have at least 1 acre?????

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