Hunting Plot Allegedly Targets Elderly

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Hunting Plot Allegedly Targets Elderly

Postby Ben Sobieck » Wed Apr 08, 2009 12:39 pm


There were track marks of four-wheel drives. Piles of dead deer.

And sometimes late at night, Evelyn Butts would look out the window at her 100-acre property and see lights flickering in the woods.

None of that made sense - until authorities began investigating a Sharonville man for a wildlife scheme in Adams County that netted more than $80,000 from dozens of hunters and took advantage of elderly property owners.

"I'm angry, disgusted and annoyed," Butts said. "I'm a 73-year-old lady, and you better bet I'm not gonna sit on this. Oh my goodness - I feel violated."

Butts, like many others in rural Adams County, owns property that stretches into the woods and well beyond the line of sight from her home. She is one of at least half a dozen property owners who recently discovered that a stranger had been leading hunters onto their property in search of deer and turkey.

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