Rifles in Ohio?

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Re: Rifles in Ohio?

Postby timberwolf.44 » Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:57 am

i can hunt wild boar with any caliber rifle as well in ohio, 30.30,8mm, .25-.35, .30-06 rifle you name it i can use it, but for deer no way, just doesnt make sence, i dont think the people making the rules know what their doing, i went to that meeting in feb. 2012 at the ODNR and im going again this feb. 2013 to find out what happened to being able to use pistol cartridge rifles, 87% of the people voted for it out of the 5 different locations they held meetings at through out ohio, so we waited for the new hunting book to come out in aug. and nothing was in there, as i asked questions they seemed to get made at me and i said im not here to make you mad, just make sence of this and in the last 45 mins you are unable to do that, i guess we will see ill let you all know what happens.....


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