deer be gone

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deer be gone

Postby bigbuckdon » Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:48 pm

in middle october, i had 14 bucks hanging out at my feeder.... i have over 1300 pics of them mostley at night... i have only hunted that area 3 times this year,,,, twice during bow, and once during blackpowder. i took a nice ten point during blackpowder. my question is, by shooting that buck, did i scare off all the other deer. i have only seen one doe and her twins since, and for the last two weeks,,... nothing... not one deer.... all i have now is a couple coyote's. i am wondering if maybe the yote's scared them off, or was it the doe that detected me. she snorted and blew for almost an hour strait when she caught wind of me. and i saw her chasing a buck off in the distance, then she came back and snorted and blew some more... any insight on what could have happened... and what i can do to get my bucks back???
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RE: deer be gone

Postby upatreestand75 » Tue Nov 10, 2009 8:37 am

I experienced the same thing a couple weeks ago.  Just give it some time and they will return.  But if you get a chance at that doe you better take her.  The bucks will be back if you have plenty of does around.  I moved my cams a couple hundred yards away and to my surprise the bucks were still around.  They just switched up the areas a bit.  The theory on my place is that another buck moved in and took over a couple spots.  I have a main frame 9 with a half dozen kickers that showed up.  I was after him last year and havent had one pic this year til now.  Two other big bucks that have been here all year disappeared and now are in areas about 400 yards off the last.  Be paitent because their probably still there... somewhere.

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RE: deer be gone

Postby tbone » Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:03 am

When the rut starts to kick in the bucks will disperse to thier own area's, I to was seeing lots of Bucks on my property, but as the rut draws closer, I am only seeing one or two.
When the rut gets into full swing, you will see those bucks cruising some of thier old terf.
Keep at it and good luck.
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