PA Pheasant question

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PA Pheasant question

Postby Everyday Hunter » Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:14 am

On the thread about being Carl Roe for a day, the idea of getting hardy wild pheasants from South Dakota came up. I figured we'd certainly traded for them in the past, so I wrote Jerry Feaser at the PGC to ask the question. Here's his reply:

Yes.  In fact, our Wild Pheasant Recovery Areas are being stocked with pheasants from South Dakota and other states.

As for why the lack of pheasants, here is a link to our Pheasant History page:
Oh, one other news release we issue annually that may help explain:

From the news release link above, you will see the following: In 1959, the number of pheasant chicks distributed to cooperators reached 229,685, an all-time high, in addition to the more than 88,500 pheasants raised and released by the agency at its four game farms.  Unfortunately, cooperator participation has dwindled significantly over the last few decades. In recent years, only a dozen or so clubs have participated; raising and releasing 3,000-4,000 birds.[size="2"][/size]

So, that's the official word from the PGC. I haven't digested it yet, or clicked on the links. I just wanted to post it as quickly as possible.

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