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Tennessee Hunters

Postby wdgocards15 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:05 am

Hey guys,

I am in the military and currently live in Florida, but I always return home to Tennessee for gun season. I hunt on private land in shelby county, and my question is: What do yall think about the 3 doe per day policy? Do you think it affects the deer population in a positive or negative light? Here is what I think.

When I was younger I was strictly an older buck hunter, and I would probably kill 2-4 doe per season. Being in the military, now my hunting season is limited to usually 2 weeks per year, so now I have gotten into a shoot anything mindset. Over the past few years, I have noticed an increasingly large presence of doe in my hunting area, and a lack of large bucks. 10 years ago I would kill 2 large bucks every season, now I am lucky to just see anything with antlers. So the past 5 hunting seasons, I have bagged 11 doe and 3 bucks (6,7, and 8pt).

What can I do to find the big bucks again? I know there are still a few out there because the scrapes and rubs are everywhere (big ones). I hunt in 15 ft ladder stands, and I pay attention to the wind. Anything yall can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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