Southern Texas Hog hunting

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Postby Jigsaw » Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:34 pm

I know this is a old post but need to make folks aware this is a scam. He states this is a free hunt. You must pay a kill fee, cleaning fee, tip the staff fee. It will end up being around $200 $300 or so for one pig. If you want to hunt pigs Texas is the place to go. With that said no one will pay one to kill there pigs unless you are friends and or family, If you are looking for a pig hunt or any other hunt in Texas take a look at You can find good guys that can put you on game at a good price, or if you have time check out the type 2 hunting. I am not an outfitter or guide but i do hunt and just dont want you to get ripped off in the great state of Texas.


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