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RE: anyone

Postby Buckman82 » Sun Oct 11, 2009 4:36 pm

Hey... I am not familiar with any public land in Central Texas.. I hunt around Brady.. Where are you from? I saw you were from Central Texas.. Let me know what areas you are interested in hunting, and I will help you out.. Take care.

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RE: anyone

Postby Mac » Fri Oct 16, 2009 4:38 pm

Hey buckman, I hunt public land at Lake Whitney and Lake Aquilla. In those towns just NW of Waco. They are bow only - for deer. But you can use a shotgun for other seasoned animals. I also have a lease in Pancake just NW of Gatesville.
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RE: anyone

Postby RonK57 » Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:58 am

I think I have a reply that you might have been looking for:
1st You need to pick an area to hunt; and since east Texas has the most public land I would suggest it(there is an antler restriction of an inside spread of 13" or more for bucks), you might also check on the doe shooting aspect of the area; whether permit is needed, if shooting doe is even allowed. Some areas allow does some only with permits and some not at all. Go to Texas Parks and Wildlife site as well as US Forestry sites for Texas. Also call the Game and Fish Dept. for areas you like to get extra info on them to limit your choices.
2nd Once you have picked a location get topo maps for the area(links to these at the sites listed above). From the maps you can look for spots that have natural features like hills and gullies and pick out spots that deer would likely bed, travel along(hill sides, creek beds, dense cover and more open areas, etc.)
3rd You have to go in with a set of plans on how and where to hunt(I am assuming you are not from Texas and traveling here to hunt) since your time in the woods is limited and so is your time to scout properly. I want to suggest planning for north to west(and winds inbetween) winds(these occur during cold fronts that pass through the state), but have plans for our most common wind directions which are SE/SW and south.
4th To hunt public lands in Texas requires work and research since there are alot of hunters and few places, so go into it prepared and PATIENT since it could be a while to get the hang of it so you get your first meat on the table. I would also like to say DO NOT expect a wall hanger off public land, since the ones you read about and see pics of are off private-expensive location for most part. If you can go into a hunt with the expectation of enjoying being in the woods and camping(which you also need to check on when visiting the sites above) and getting the deer secondary you might want to give it a try.

I hope I helped you out but since it is into the season by about 2 weeks(does not end until beginning of Jan.2010) you might not be able to do all you need to do at this time. I also forgot to tell you to try to hunt the rut (nov 22-09 in E.Texas) if possible.[:D]have fun RonK-Houston, Tx.( I get mine nearly every year)


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