Grade your 2011 Gun Season

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Re: Grade your 2011 Gun Season

Postby DairyLandDeerHunter » Mon Dec 12, 2011 8:21 am

umpiremark wrote:I thought it might be fun to put a grade on your experiences in the 2011 Wisconsin gun season. Although meaningless in any conclusions, how did the nine-day gun season stack up for you, personally? For grins and giggles, I've made a little scale to even out the scoring between us all, in different parts of the state (perhaps).

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being low, 5 being highest), rate the following:
~ 1) Deer sightings, deer movement;
~ 2) Weather - for the duration of your hunting;
~ 3) Rut activity coinciding with the gun hunt;
~ 4) Commaradre (friends, family in camp; general hunter B.S. after the hunts);
~ 5) Herd health (did you see more, less than years past? More or less antlerless than past? Buck/rack sizes bigger or smaller?);
~ 6) Personal Hunter/Hunting experiences afield (Trespassers, neighbors driving other properties, Wild shots or early/late shots nearby, other factors affecting the success or failure of your hunt).

With 6 categories, a great 2011 hunt would be worth 30 points, a poor hunt worth 6 points and everything else in between.

Share your thoughts! Thanks, MARK

My father, my sister, and I hunted 7 out of 9 days for the gun season. We hunt a small tract of public land in lower Adams County just north of the Dells. I was able to shoot a big doe on opening morning, and a fine 8 pointer on the last day of the season. My grading will be as follows:

1.) For the deer sightings, those two deer that I shot were the only ones I had seen all season so I would give that a 2.
2.) The weather wasn't bad, I was hoping to see snow but we got quite a bit of rain on the opener and on Saturday of the last weekend. So I would have to score the weather at a 3.
3.) Rut activity was better than the last couple years. It seemed to be more of a later rut this year. The buck I shot on the last weekend seemed to be rutting hard. His tarsal glands were very moist and a lot of the fur had been rubbed off them. However, he was the only buck I'd seen the whole week of hunting so I'll score this a 3 as well.
4.) It was great getting to be out there hunting with my father and sister. I always have fun spending time with them. So I'd rate this a 5.
5.) As far as heard health goes, I've seen a lot less deer the past few seasons compared to years past. Our unit, 54a, was considered a herd control unit this year, but the amount of sightings for us and for other hunters we talked too was way down. I'd rate this a 1.
6.) I had a great time hunting with my family, and having the opportunity of harvesting two very nice deer was just a great benefit. However, we had to deal with a really rude group of other hunters on that public tract who we had never seen before, but single-handedly ruined some of the hunts we had, and other hunters had on that property. They had no respect for us, or anybody else. Conducting drives on opening day without any standers posted, walking past our stands making all sorts of noise even when we tried to talk peacefully with them about being courteous and staying away from us; that turned into a huge argument not only with us, but with another group of hunters displeased with their behavior. And lastly, people from that same group attempted to try and steal my buck out of the back of my trailer on my truck, not knowing I was sitting in the truck waiting for my dad and sister to return from their hunt. I reported them, but not much could really be done. Overall, despite the successful season for us personally, this group of idiots really put a damper on our hunt, and the hunt of others. I'd rate this a 2.

Overall total for this hunt: 2+3+3+5+1+2 = 16

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Re: Grade your 2011 Gun Season

Postby lonlon » Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:36 am

Saw 12 deer, passed 5 bucks, shot one. Perfect weather, warm and dry. Rut ? Yes. Hunt with friends A-1. Herd health, lot better than 3-5 years ago. No problems with neighbors. Would grade season a 30. Have been bow hunting late season, still seeing bucks chasing doe fawns !!! Have to luv no snow on the ground, will make winter seem shorter and deer herd will prosper from it !!! :-)


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