2012 Gun Season Log

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Re: 2012 Gun Season Log

Postby Les Welch » Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:12 pm

Retch Crabtree wrote:I move around more during the gun season to patrol the perimeters to keep the low lifes at bay. I dont really just sit in a tree stand plus I am tending to the young and old folks that shoot deer so its not like Im doing a great deal of actual hunting. Its just gun season, its not that big of a deal but I will cary a gun in case one of the large deer that we have on the lands shows itself or if I care to take a doe for meat.

Funny considering you were sitting in a treestand illegally hunting over bait during the rifle season this year? So the spike you illegally killed over bait was "one of the large deer" on your lands?


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