Just came across this, what's your opinion?

Dan Salmon
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Just came across this, what's your opinion?

Postby Dan Salmon » Sat Jan 12, 2013 5:32 pm

Thought I posted this before, but it's not showing up. With my luck this will be a double post.

Either way, what's your opinion on the article below?


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Re: Just came across this, what's your opinion?

Postby Ghillie » Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:52 pm

We all say (or post on-line) things that may be mis-interpreted by others. I am not sure the hunter quoted in the article meant to say that hunters and other outdoor users should not be able to share the outdoors - but this is how the writer interpreted it. We always share the outdoors with others. We need to be aware of this and be sure that we do what we can to project a good image.

This is even more important when hunting on public land of any kind. I take part in a muzzleloader hunt at one of the state parks each year. It is an awesome opportunity, but one that comes with a few more rules and concerns. Foremost among these concerns would be park users that may not be aware that there are deer hunters about- and may not know that they should be wearing an item of orange or bright clothing.

I know there are those that feel "everyone knows it is deer season" and that this reserves the outdoors for the hunters. This is an attitude that will not help us in the long run.

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