Suggestions on food plot- Wisconsin

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Suggestions on food plot- Wisconsin

Postby jackailius » Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:42 am


I have an established small food plot in the woods we hunt (just north of Shawano). It is a small plot that for the last 3 years I have had Clover plotted in. I'm heading over next week to turn it and plant something different, my question is what do you suggest? The land we hunt is about 300 acres that my inlaws own. it has about 80 acresish of farmland which currently and for hte next 3 yrs will be planted in corn (previously alfalfa) and then dips down into a swamp and finally abuts a river on the west side which is where this small food plot is. It gets sun but not constant and does have pines around it. Throw out some ideas for me if you have them. any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Suggestions on food plot- Wisconsin

Postby MZS » Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:09 pm

I like winter rye, living N. WI myself. You plant around 3rd week of August. By deer season it will be nice. It gets hit hard though, but if there is anything left by gun season, deer will hit it even after it gets covered with snow. Also, it will attract deer to your area in the spring as it it is the first good green food to be found. Winter rye is nice in that it tolerates lower pH better than clovers. You can try planting as is, or if you want a really nice plot do a soil test and add fertilizers as needed - a page describing the process of getting the proper fertilizers is at ... lators.php
Make sure to plant Winter Rye, not rye grass - they are different. A drawback of this plot is that you must replant each year, but generally if you let any plot go it is of diminished value after the 2nd year anyway.

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Re: Suggestions on food plot- Wisconsin

Postby Gafrage » Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:28 am

As mentioned above, I would strongly recommend doing a soil sample.

As far as the plot, how big of an area is it?

One thing I would suggest is perhaps spreading brassica seed (rape, ptt, daikon, kale, radish 7top turnips), especially with all the farmland that it appears you have around it.

That stuff being green into November should be a big draw to the deer, and set you up nicely for the rut and even opening weekend of gun season.

I ended up doing a food plot for the first time this year, I planted about 1 acre of corn and soybeans. I just broadcasted the soybeans between 2 20 rows of corn, then in late July early August I plan to go back and plant about a 1/4 acre in brassica and about 3/4 of an acre in a clover (white and red)/rye/oats/winter peas and radish mix, mostly the rye oats and winter peas are mostly a cover crop as I'm trying to establish a nice little plot for clover for spring for the deer to have something that comes up early, as well as turkeys.

I put down a bunch of rye in the spot I plan to come back and spray and put in the clover, and I've seen deer already browsing that field pretty hard.

Rye is a pretty cheap solution as well, so I wouldn't overlook planting that, plus it grows on just about anything. The brassicas don't tolerate a lower ph, but if your clover stand has been nice the last couple years, then you should be fine with the brassica, you'll just need to put out some nitrogen.
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