Two 8-pointers & a Doe

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Two 8-pointers & a Doe

Postby relentless_hunter_12 » Thu Jul 09, 2009 3:47 pm

So my brother was home tonight while I was in Baraboo, thats when the regular doe appeared. Somthing happened then that suprised him, two healthy, good sized 8 point bucks appeared from the edge of the woods. My brother texted me while I was on the way home and told me of the bucks with the doe, I was so excited, we only had a minute until we were home. As we pulled in The two buck fled and the doe soon followed. As a person who loves hunting and nature, those buck were beautiful. Now I have more hope that maybe, just maybe this will be the year that the deer population comes back in my area, it hasnt been like this since before CWD, and I wont even get into that crap. Thanks for reading and I hope you will leave comments.
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