Youth Mentored Bowhunting needs your help

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Youth Mentored Bowhunting needs your help

Postby retch sweeny » Mon May 11, 2009 12:46 pm

[font=calibri]The Youth Mentored hunting bill is making its way through Madison after successful hearings in both the Senate and Assembly. It seems destined for passage and even the Dept. spoke in favor of this bill but like all things that are going well, something has come along that threatens to jeopardize the Bowhunting component of this bill. [/font]
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[font=calibri]The Youth mentored hunting bill allows for only one firearm in the possession of the mentee but the bowhunting portion allows for a bow for both the mentor and the mentee because unlike a firearm a bow is fitted for a singular user (especially if one of the hunters is a younger individual or female) As of today, all was going well with the wording but now, Assembly Representative Louis Molepske Jr. from the 71st assembly district want to add an amendment that would remove the two bow allowance and change it to one bow between the two hunters.[/font]
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[font=calibri]It's important that constituents from Representative Molepke's District call his office and let him know that the bill should go forward as worded to allow both the mentor and the mentee to have a bow.[/font]
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[font=calibri]Assemblyman Molepske's district (71) covers the following townships and cities in central WI.[/font]
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Stevens Point
Park Ridge
Amherst Junction
New Hope
Buena Vista
Pine Grove
[font=calibri]If you live in one of these communities of hunt there and have friends that live in any of these communities,  Please take just a minute out of your day (Tomorrow because this is happening that fast) and call Assemblyman Molepske's Office at  [/font](608) 267-9649[font=calibri] and ask him to allow for both the mentee and mentor to have a bow and to vote in favor of the bill as worded. Please make sure to thank him for his consideration in this matter.[/font]

Attached is a map of his District near the top of the page.


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