The Deer de-bait

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RE: The Deer de-bait

Postby Bigfoot » Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:09 am

if you are going to ban stuff that increases the chance of the disease spreading then ban ALL the stuff that increases  the chance of the disease spreading not just 1 way and all i hear is bait this and bait that....blah,blah,blah

and i love the fact that the Wisconsin DNR does NOT promote FOOD PLOTS as an ACCEPTABLE DEER MANAGEMENT PRACTICE,yet in all the interviews i've heard from them they will never have that in print just baiting baiting baiting

yet on page 6 their it is.............once baiting is banned i wonder what will be the next thing on the list to get banned ... itfeed.pdf


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RE: The Deer de-bait

Postby wack » Wed Feb 04, 2009 4:08 am

Bigfoot, that was my point to starting this thread. Seems to me the biggest threat for spreading CWD is coming from game farms, not bait piles. I'm not saying CWD can not be spread by bait piles, just that if we are getting rid of baiting, then it makes even more sense to get rid of game farms. Especially the ones who have found CWD already in there domestic herds.

 As far as what next? Probably bear bait.. What would be great is if scientists found a cure of vaccine that could be administered through bait piles. Wishful thinking but research is the best answer. Just being able to test an animal with out killing the animal first would be a major breakthrough.

 With all the people in our state and others who have an interest in curing CWD I find it frustrating that there isn't a leading group in the research area. Like Jerry's kids or American Cancer society, just who is leading the charge against CWD? We've got millions of concerned hunters, farmers and deer lovers wanting a cure. We could raise a ton of money but how do we get the best results? Who do we go to for the research? Who's actually doing the research now? Anyone know?

 If we had a group who's soul propose is to research CWD, we already have test subjects. I can't ask our game farms to just go away and take a loss. They're the key to finding the cure. They've got a lot riding on finding the answers too. Game farmers shouldn't be punished, they should be compensated and rewarded for taking part in research. Not only for the animals, but access to study the land, water, soil.....everything.  It's time we get serious about finding some answers.
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