A call to action

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A call to action

Postby Fish » Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:14 am

I had the priviledge of lengthy phone conversations with Jack and Mtnman today.   We tossed around a few ideas on how to battle our current deer harvest issues.  Prior to us moving any further, I would like input from everyone if they'd be on board.
We are looking at setting up an organization of WI hunters.  There would be no cost for membership, we'd have one simple mission statement, and donations of your time would be appreciated.
Basically, we'd have a very small website for people to sign up on and maybe a forum.   When you sign up, you agree to our mission statement and goal.  This would act as a petition.  With Jack, Mtnman and other people's political allies....we'd use this as power to influence legislators with our vote.   With the backing of a very large group, legislators, who are on our side, would have enough power to battle the special interest groups and the DNR.  As united, our voices would be heard and we'd gather attention to our problems.
We're talking about a very large group, not just 150 members.  We'd need hundreds of thousands to make an impact.  So we'd need everyone's efforts to tell people, e-mail or small signs.  I believe just by e-mail alone it could work.  Since it would be free, no reason for anyone not to sign on.
We are close in having the ability to organize.  We have the ear of several politicians, a possibility of an atty on our side, special interest organizer in Madison and web design.  Jack's existing group of 100+ hunters(just in his local hunting area) already have organized.  Talk of a billboard in his group.  Jack also has two bills he's introducing this spring on CWD..Sorry Jack if that was "off the record".  We have the resources but we need the members.
The simple mission statement would be regarding deer population and herd reduction.  Basically, we want our voices heard on EAB, T-zones and over issued doe tags.  Against the 700,000 deer herd number.  One thing we couldn't do is battle for/against certain hunting practices i.e. baiting.  These type of issues will have split opinion so we'd stick with what we all can agree upon.  The over harvest of deer in the state of WI, use of EAB and T-zones, etc....  
Another point of our mission statement could be organizing of landowners to self control deer harvest.  So if we can't vote them out, we can take away the DNR ability of regulating the deer harvest.
Your membership would be your signature to the petition, we'd correspond via forum and e-mail....sorry no banquets or gun give aways.
We are up against a two headed monster, I'd be happy to talk to anyone on here on what happening in the capital.  Jack and Mtnman know too.  Nothing will change next year unless we do something.  The CC and DNR have said this already.  Lets take back control of what rightfully ours.
So we want people's "Yea" or "Nea" on this.  We will not waste our time if people are not going to participate.  We need help in other parts of the state.  So far we have central, SC and NE parts covered....obviously, more help those areas would be needed.  Please e-mail me if you'd like more info.
Also, we would need a name so please suggest one with the Yea/nea.  The cpl I've thought of: United Sportsmen of WI(USW), Alliance of WI SPortsmen(AWS), or PEDA(People Encouraged to see Deer Asso).
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RE: A call to action

Postby mtnman » Fri Dec 26, 2008 11:57 am

Thanks for the quick post Fish.
As we talked about earlier, the points made and the actions we must undertake.
If any of you have ever had it up to your ears about how the State and the DNR runs our wildlife programs, and deer hunting specifically, then here is your chance to be heard, and your voice counted. You will not be asked to pay to join an organization as some others ask. This will be grass roots all the way. We will ask for you to do what you can. This is in fact all volunteer. It will be simple and to the point. Our website will contain the names and contacts of all State Senators, Representatives, Govenors office, maps of the states representive districts, DNR, Conservation Congress, and other links. We will provide a forums site, and a contact form to use as a petition.
All we will ask of you is for you to get the word out to as many of your hunting friends as possible. Also on the site will be stock  notices and bulletins you can print out for posting at local establishments.

We provide the largest block of individual voters in the state, and provide, voluntarally, the highest amount of fiscal input into the economies of the state and local communities. We have alot of leverage...we need to make our voices hear in unison..as hunters, not as individuals. It is said that there is strength in numbers. We have the numbers...it is time to flex our muscle.

I believe that WSU, or Wisconsin Sportsmen United stands for what we are about. Wisconsin Sportsmen standing united for the benefit of the natural resources that we so much care. The future of hunting depends on what you do now.

We want to hear from all of you...we will start soon!
(Florence Co., WI)

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RE: A call to action

Postby Goose » Fri Dec 26, 2008 8:45 pm

I agree wit what you're doing, kinda of like a hunters union if you will.
I would have to see your "this is what we stand for" statement.I agree that you got to stick to over harvesting via the tzone and eab in certain units. I would also like to see the crop damage addressed but that might divide people as well?
I believe that its a major player in over harvest and part of the reason for eab and tzone according to the DNR reports that Ive read.

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RE: A call to action

Postby Nubs » Sat Dec 27, 2008 6:33 pm

It sounds like a good idea, when will the web site be up and running? I have a far amount of hunting friends who may be interested in something like this.

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RE: A call to action

Postby Fish » Sun Dec 28, 2008 4:25 am

I'd hoped to have a few more responses on this.
As for the mission statement, I'd like more input from others...Jack, Mtnman, anyone else???  I believe simple at first,  the input from hunters I've spoke to, is the lack of deer and the DNR mismanage/direction.  We know special interest groups are directing them, we want that to change.  There will be subjects, like Ag tags, baiting, and preditors which we will have divided opinion....so it would be difficult to include these arguments.  The big picture is, giving the power back to the politicians who are in our corner; allowing people in the DNR(i.e. Randy Stark) who know what needs to be done, do their jobs; remove special interest groups involvement in something the people should have control in.
When I think of this organization, I see it as an opportunity for the hunter who doesn't want to get real involved but in joining, can allow his voice to be heard.  The members who want to be active, can do as much as they want.  I think off a true democracy, in which every vote, of every age is the same(Yes, relentless....your vote would count).  If we take a stance on a subject that differs from our mission statement, it have to pass a certain percentage of members.  If a politician wants our backing, he must supply his proposal to us for review.
I'm not sure on the numbers but I believe if we have 1/4 to 1/2 the hunters of WI as members, we would be one of the largest(if not the largest) lobby group in WI.  That would be powerful.
I don't want this to be My Group, Jack's Group or Mtnman's Group.  This is the WI hunter's group.  Obviously, Mtnman has the website ability and Jack has the political contacts....they are spending a bit more than their time on this.  I've just jumped in and am trying to give this a push start.  I hope other will volunteer their time as much and more than I do.  My only interest in this if to bring back the deer herd and gain the control back in the DNR.
Again, these are just my opinions.....by no means the direction this group would go.  We need to start somewhere, we are at level one.  Every group, organization, state and country has to start somewhere.  Take Whitetails Un for an example.  Two brothers up in Sturgeon Bay decided to start a group, had enough deer hunting friends and started it.  My father was one of them.  Now it is a national organization but it had to start somewhere, sometime.

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RE: A call to action

Postby Centralwisconsinland » Sun Dec 28, 2008 7:45 am

Wisconsin Hunter's Group,
I am interested in this group.  As I understand, it is aimed at being politically active through the numbers of Wisconsin Hunters. 
Fish did you get my e-mail?  I e-mailed you through this forum. 
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RE: A call to action

Postby wisbooner3932 » Sun Dec 28, 2008 8:31 am

I think its a great idea. I'd be on board just give me the link to the website, I think United sportsmen of Wisconsin would be an ideal name.  Many family and friends I know would be interested as well.

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RE: A call to action

Postby oldbuck » Sun Dec 28, 2008 2:49 pm

Hi to all you fellow deer hunters interested in fixing Wisconsin's failed deer management program. I have participated in every Wi. archery deer season since 1966 and have seen the peaks and valleys of the deer herd first hand from a deer stand. In those years I have kept a Journal which among much data acquired the most telling is the number of hours spent on stand per deer siting. The years 1997 to 1999 were the best years I have recorded, 4.7 to 4.9 hours on stand per deer sited. It has increased every year since. In 2007 it was 47.3 hours per deer sited. In 2008 I finally realized if I were to return to any quality of my hunting experience I would have to shift my focus to outside the state of Wisconsin, which I did with much success. I have shared this information to show how serious I am about fixing the problem at hand. I have written and conversed with many people in positions to do something about the problem only to find out the real problem exists as a result of political intervention. The DNR's ability to manage the Wisconsin deer herd based on Biological data has been compromised ever since Gov. T. Thompson decided the head of the DNR should be appointed by politicians instead of elected by his peers. I ask you to proceed with extreme caution in your endeavor to resolve the problem politically. We may have some politicians who side with us but there are also some who do not. I believe unfortunately the only way force a change is a lack of revenue which will get the attention of the DNR and the Legislature. Everyone needs to show up at their Conservation Congress hearings this spring. I will be writing many more letters and hope you keep working as well to bring deer hunting back to where it can be.

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RE: A call to action

Postby Jawbone » Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:21 am

I'll decide after seeing the mission statement.
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RE: A call to action

Postby Washburn » Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:20 am

I admire your passion and dedication but will pass.

I am not in favor of all the DNR does, but am not an anti-DNR guy like many others here.

The biggest issue in my mind is baiting and the many problems it causes. You've stated that you will not address baiting.

The DNR admits the pre-hunt estimates were off. They've promised to address it.

Having a strong opinion is one thing. Having trained scientists and research on your side is another. The DNR is not infallible by any means; but they have resources that citizen groups, regardless of how well intended, simply don't.

Again, I wish you well and will follow your progress.

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