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Wisconsin Hunters United

Postby Goose » Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:31 am

The Wisconsin Hunter United Website is up and running.

The website that several forum members have been working hard to get going is up and running and ready to register fellow WI hunters.

About the site and its purpose: (taken from the site)

We are a grass roots organization of volunteers that are looking forward to the future of Deer Hunting, responsible deer management, the preservation of deer hunting and it's traditions within the State of Wisconsin.
We are many individuals throughout the state that have come together as one voice. We share the same concern, the current and future path on which the DNR and Wisconsin State government agencies have sent us. We are here to provide all those individual deer hunters in Wisconsin, who can accomplish nothing on their own, the voice and backing of thousands of fellow hunters. We will bring to bear, our voices, concerns and wishes to the powers that be in State government that make rule and policy regarding deer hunting.
We are not anti-DNR, quite the opposite. We believe that our wardens and conservation officers do an excellent job. But policy makers behind a desk in Madison know little about what is really going on in the true world of the deer woods across the state.
We expect to have our voices, thoughts and opinions heard and given equal consideration to those appointees in government.
If any of you have ever had it up to your ears about how the State and the DNR runs our wildlife programs, and deer hunting specifically, then here is your chance to be heard, and your voice counted. You will not be asked to pay to join an organization as some others ask. This will be grass roots all the way. We will ask for you to do what you can. This is in fact, all volunteer. It will be simple and to the point. Our web site will contain the names and contacts of All State Senators, Representatives, Governors office, maps of the states representative districts, DNR, Conservation Congress, and other links. We will provide a forum site, and a contact form to use as a petition.
All we will ask of you is for you to get the word out to as many of your hunting friends as possible. Also on the site will be news notices and bulletins you can print out for posting at local establishments.
We provide the largest block of individual voters in the state, and provide, voluntarily, the highest amount of fiscal input into the economies of the state and local communities. We have allot of leverage...we need to make our voices hear in unison, as hunters, not as individuals. It is said that there is strength in numbers. We have the numbers...it is time to flex our muscle.
I believe that WHU, or Wisconsin Hunters United stands for what we are about. Wisconsin Hunters standing United for the benefit of the natural resources that we so much care. The future of hunting depends on what you do now.
We want to hear from all of you.

The address: http://grouseridgesports.com/whuhome.html

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