Delisting Wolves

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Delisting Wolves

Postby Washburn » Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:51 am

Check out the link:


This should provide some relief and put management of wolves back where it belongs; with the state.

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RE: Delisting Wolves

Postby wack » Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:57 am

This is GREAT news for WI. We are one of the lucky states when it comes to the timing of this battle. Out west they had to suffer through too many wolves for quite awhile as we are getting control just in time. They went through the wolf population explosion and we were about too.
This is a big victory for Wisconsin hunters but don't let it fool you. We still have a lot of work to do. We still have to accommodate 500+ wolves and that means fewer deer, fewer bears, and less small game and game birds for northern Wisconsin. It WILL BE hunters paying the food bill for the wolves. When wolves get to close to farms and pets, they'll be the first to be killed off. That means again, Dept. of Agriculture will have the finger on the trigger, just like the deer, bear, turkey and geese......
 If we can get the Dept. of Agriculture's ban on transporting elk lifted for the DNR, then we have a real chance at actually gaining something back from the return of the wolves. If we could boost our elk population to the number of wolves, add 500 elk, we would be able to maintain the 500+ wolves and be able to hunt 500-1500 wolves per year, maintain a better bear population, raise the number of deer back up, and Wisconsin hunters will be styling! If we reintroduced bison into the mix, Wisconsin's north woods would be THE place to go.
 Come on guys, it's time to fight. Get the elk. Start the planning for bison reintroduction. We have the animals, ... .htm  only makes sense to put the bison where the wolves and bears are along with the elk. With these two simple steps the future of Wisconsin hunting never looked better. We'll never know unless we get it started. Lord knows if it's a mistake, we wont have much problem wiping them back out since we wiped them all out in the first place. We have nothing to loose, and everything to gain. If not for us, for our grandchildren and there grandchildren. With 2 steps, northern Wisconsin could actually grow an economy again as the combination of a working food chain brings money in for deer, elk, bear, bison, wolves instead of having wolves eat deer, bears and hunters out of town, out of state. It's up to us. Do we share our deer with the wolves or do we add elk and Bison for us and the wolves. If we have to have wolves, we have to have elk and bison. The debate of whether to have wolves or not have wolves is over, we lost, we have wolves, there here, we have to feed them, feed the bears and feed us. If you asked a wolf, asked a bear and asked a hunter, "Do you want to eat just venison all the time? OR, would you rather have a combination of deer, elk and bison?" I think I can speak for all 3 that the unanimous choice would be the combination platter.      
 Every hunter and anti hunter who ever voted to save the wolves should also vote to save the elk and bison. How can you save the wolf without elk and bison? Wolves need variety too.  For once we can turn anti hunters against animal activists and divide there ranks like they try to do to hunters. Only anti hunters would try to stop reintroduction of elk and bison splitting them apart from the animal activists. It would be irresponsible for animal activists to put wolves where there is nothing to feed them with. We just need to keep the ball rolling.
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