Appointing the DNR Secretary

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Appointing the DNR Secretary

Postby Washburn » Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:53 am

DNR Secretary

Check out the above link. I've read many posts here about the evil "liberals" and how they want to destroy hunting and gun ownership.
The reality is that Democrats have long supported a NRB appointed DNR Secretary and it was Republicans (Thanks, Tommy) who changed the rules and made the DNR Secretary position a Governor appointee. Looks like our best chance for returning some sanity to the process is on the horizon....thanks to Assembly Democrats.

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RE: Appointing the DNR Secretary

Postby Fish » Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:09 pm

I'd rather think of us as hunters, not Rep or Dem.  I'm totally against the Govenor selecting the NRB and think State Legislators should stay out of something they know little about.  I suggest reading the article in the Madison outdoors section on Sunday.
I remind you, although Tommy did make this change, the current appointees are from Doyle.  I would also suggest doing some research on CWD and the current efforts on deer population.  CWD was first found in WI in 1999, but the DNR and NRB only decided to implement eradication and herd control zones in April 2003.  By the way, Doyle took office in Jan 2003.
Also, the last appointed individual was asked by a top WU official last year about what he saw as the direction of deer hunting.  The guy shrugged his shoulders and said he had no idea about deer hunting.  I suggest you review Sen. Black agenda, too.
Just because a person is a Democrat or Republican, doesn't mean they are "evil" liberals or "evil" conservatives.   Liberal/conservative tends to show which way a party leans.  I'm pretty sure there a huge amount of Democratic hunters in WI and a bunch of nonhunting Republicans.   A liberal democrat does not mean they are a "treehugger" either, liberal dems hunt too.  Per capita, there are more Democrats than Republicans in WI and the US.
I find little correlation between your statement about liberal wanting to destroy hunting and gun ownership...and the fact Dems want the NRB to appoint the Secretary. 
And after reviewing the article, I'm not sure if you were not selective reading.  Although Doyle(before Govenor) had supported the NRB election of secretary, now he will not give it up until after 2011(his term ends) AND if the legislation rubber stamps his appointees fast.
I think a great point brought up in the article is the point of special interest groups controling the Secretary AND election support/funds strongly influence the current process.
I think we can all agree the system is broken and we(the sportsmen)need answer/some input in the decision making process.  There is always room for hunters on my tailgate, Dem or Rep. 

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