Mysterious Scrapes

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Mysterious Scrapes

Postby relentless_hunter_12 » Sat Dec 27, 2008 3:28 am

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[font="times new roman"]I woke up yesterday and logged to deer and deer hunting and I looked out at the woods in my backyard and noticed something I had never seen before, at least not around this part of the woods, it was a scrape. I have seen scrapes before but this was on the edge of a huge open area, whenever I see deer back there they are skittish and afraid of the open, even when its calm and nothings going on in the area. But still there was something odd about this. All around the tree were I noticed the scrapes is about 2 feet of drifted snow. Im confused on why any buck would want to travel that far in those conditions just to rub that tree, because the tracks leading to it, it was definite that this buck had one thing on its mind, that tree. I could be wrong, I probably am but either that buck rubbed its heart out or there was more than one, I was lucky to see one pair of tracks, since it also snowed that night. Thanks for reading and comment back I like opinions.[/font]

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RE: Mysterious Scrapes

Postby Fish » Sun Dec 28, 2008 4:43 am

Are you talking about scrapes or a rub?  I'm not an expert but it could be several different things.  First, if your talking about a scrape(buck kicking up the snow and ground), if it were an oak, he could just be searching for food(acorns).  Second, he could be still marking his territory by his rub or scrape.  Some unbred doe go into a second "heat".  He still could be looking.  It would be aweful late for that and they typically forget their territories and move to bachelor groups this time of year.  I think it was more of a coinsidence and he was looking for food and it just so happened to be by one of his own rubs.  FYI, the buck uses a tree to rub to mark his territory.  He has a gland on his head which transfers to the tree when rubbed.

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