Hunters Register 276,985 Deer in November Hunt

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RE: Hunters Register 276,985 Deer in November Hunt

Postby Fish » Thu Dec 04, 2008 10:48 am

Previously I agreed with everyone on this Warnke guy.  But after I found out the information I did today(see Hunter's sound off), I'm not sure what control he really has.  I think this guy is just the front man for a bunch of politicians and people with deep pockets.  I believe he is doing what he's told and it all stems from our beloved Gov Doyle.  If you disagree, think about this.  Doyle took office in 2003, CWD eradication and herd reduction started in 2003.  Here's a section off of the DNR site:
[font="times new roman"][left]In April 2003, an external panel of wildlife disease experts evaluated Wisconsin's[/left][left]CWD management program. The panel concluded that the Department's overall[/left][left]goal of [/font][font="times new roman"]"minimizing the negative impact of chronic wasting disease on cervid[/left][left]populations, the state's economy, hunters, landowners and others who are affected by deer management policies" [/font][font="times new roman"]is a comprehensive and laudable goal. They further concluded that the objective of eradicating CWD in the limited areas where it occurs, before it can spread throughout the state, is entirely appropriate and consistent....[/font][/left][left][font="times new roman"][/font] [/left][left][font="times new roman"]Now, we are up against a majority Democrat Senate and Assembly.  Vote wisely, people.[/left][/font]


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