Operation Full Draw for US servicemen

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Operation Full Draw for US servicemen

Postby retch sweeny » Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:55 am

I received this via email as a member of Wisconsin Traditional Archers and thought I would pass it along. Contact Brian if you can be of assitance.

Operation Full Draw
The mission is to fully stock a traditional archery range, from scratch, at Camp Cropper, Iraq. The 40th MP Battalion from Ft Leavenworth, KY, has been tasked with detention responsibility for a prison containing some of the original “Deck of Cards” bad guys. The 40th MP Battalion is there at the request of the Iraqi government. The current schedule calls for the 40th to turn full responsibility back to Iraqi forces in February 2012. The 40th may in fact be the last US forces to serve in official detention responsibilities. Let’s hope so! 
Camp Cropper had an archery range in the past, but it disappeared completely at some point. The Battalion Commander of the 40th is LTC Erica Nelson, my sister-in-law. LTC Nelson has served 2 previous tours in Iraq and Kuwait. Each tour was a year in length. LTC Nelson just marked her 20th year of service in February 2011. LTC Nelson and her XO, MAJ Brian Locke, are very excited of our plans to send the supplies they need. MAJ Locke is a “wheeled” archer who is looking forward to returning to his roots. MAJ Locke has named the mission. LTC Nelson feels that this is going to be a great morale boost and plans to try it herself. The soldiers of the 40th work 12 hour shifts. What better way to get “unplugged” from their duties? I suppose the only thing farther away from their highly sophisticated weaponry would be a rock and slingshot. I know they are going to love the traditional equipment. 
So, we basically need everything for America’s finest! My contacts will assure that EVERYTHING will get to them. We will be shipping to Ft Leavenworth, KS, and from there the materials will be sent directly to the 40th MP Battalion. 
A partial list would include: 
Trad Bows, Arrows, Targets, Arm Guards, Finger Tabs / Gloves, Quivers, ETC… 
I’m looking forward to meeting and working with any of you who care to join this “mission”. Thank you.
My contact information follows: 
Brian & Mary Taggart 
W7394 US Hwy 12 
Whitewater WI 53190 
H: 262-473-7996 
W: 262-723-3345 

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