Crossbow question highlights hearings

Dan Salmon
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RE: Crossbow question highlights hearings

Postby Dan Salmon » Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:38 am

I enjoy reading and hunting, but there is a lot more to reading and hunting than just taking everything that is written or opined as god's honest truth.  

retch sweeny
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RE: Crossbow question highlights hearings

Postby retch sweeny » Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:33 am

Well stated fullrut, you are not alone in your thought process. You most likely align with the majority of WI hunters and why every vote on full inclusion in WI has never shown majority support.

I am a crossbow owner. I bought my first in 1982 and have bought 2 more since then (one recurve, one compound). I have been building bolts and shooting them for decades. I know what the current models can do and what models released this year are capable of and we can all guess what models 5 and 10 years from now will be able to do. I can't hunt with one in WI but my 75 year old Father does and does quite well. I team hunt with him either in a pop up blind or not far away as I do the calling and rattling for him (and dragging and gutting). I have fired more models than most people. I would say that I probably have more direct hands on crossbow experience, shooting, testing, modifying, etc, than most people in WI. I like to share those experiences with others including policy makers.

I also like to share the attitudes and opinions and the votes of WI hunters in regards to this matter as well as the condition of the WI deer herd and deer management. I have been chewing on this issue for many years and have given it a lot of thought (see page one of this thread)

Its abundantly clear that full inclusion is a bad idea for WI. This matter will come up again in April in WI. I expect it to be rejected again.

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RE: Crossbow question highlights hearings

Postby Chainsaw » Sun Feb 06, 2011 4:55 pm

I have always felt that the real problem here is the so called advantage that bow hunters have by hunting the first two weeks of November. From hunting in other states during their early rifle seasons I know that those first two weeks of November are "prime time" for hunting.

Maybe we should allow no hunting during this time(nov 1-15) and have our firearms season like Iowas to further protect the deer herd. Or better yet, allow no hunting in November cause that is what this is really about. Wouldn't this be fair.

My fellow bowhunters won't admit it but they want that prime time rut all to themselves and yes take your crossbow home and leave "my rut" alone.

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RE: Crossbow question highlights hearings

Postby gruberr » Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:59 pm

1. Eliminating all deer hunting in Nov for WI would likely result in the in-ability to harvest enough deer to get populations back down to DNR mandated goals as the deer by Dec 1 are in transition to their traditional wintering areas and therefore fairly fragmented throughout the landscape.  This would be especially true of the northern forest units of WI, where it is more critical to get populations back down to goal before winter sets in, otherwise they are at risk due to the lack of available food source.
Dan was correct in an earlier post.  The reduction in clear-cut type forest management and movement to more mature forests during the 1990's and 2000's are greatly impacting forest land units to harbor populations that used to roam the north back in the 1970's.  This is becoming a big issue for the north.
Iowa can get away with it's season in Dec because of the huge amount of agriculture throughout the entire state and the somewhat milder winters and less snow-pack they experience.  Access to food is a non-issue for deer survival in Iowa no matter where they winter.  Some day I'm moving to Iowa!
2. With our 700 thousand hunters, moving rifle season into the first two weeks of Nov would result in having a herd that resembles Michigan and Minnesota...  mostly 1.5 and a few 2.5 yr old bucks.  The age structure of the herd seen today would be decimated in just a few short years.
3. The current season structure allows for quality animals to be harvested by BOTH archery and gun hunters alike, while leaving enough to mature another year for the following seasons.  Take a look at the BC / PY entries across the country over the last 20 years.  Nobody is better than WI.  Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio might have better top end bucks, but they don't have the quanity of quality bucks WI does.
4. I'm not aware of anything the prevents someone who wants to take their fair shot at harvesting a quality animal in the first 2 weeks in Nov from purchasing an archery license and getting out there with the other 250 thousand hunters and giving it their best shot.  It's completely fair and very challenging for all that do it.  When you get lucky and able to harvest, it's awesome.  When it doesn't happen, which is most years for me, I strategize about what I can do next year, read online forums, hunting magazines, online DNR info, and of course do a lot of dreaming. 
I know full well that if myself and the other 250K were more successful than we are now, there would be a lot less deer for the gun hunters and less quality for the following seasons and that of course would increase hunter against hunter tensions even more.  It truly is a social issue.
5. As for allowing all 250 thousand and future additions to use a crossbow, see the many previous posts.
Bottom Line (and of course this is just personal opinion):  If not concerned about having great age structure throughout the state and not concerned about what's left by the time gun hunting starts, then I can see one's desire to allow crossbows to be used by any and all.  I would hope in this "modern" era of deer hunting the desire to have and keep our quality herd ranks right up there on one's hunting wishlist.

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RE: Crossbow question highlights hearings

Postby crossbowdavio » Fri Mar 18, 2011 12:46 am

so your new paralell limb cam and a half bow is the same as the bow used by the cave man? I doubt it even modern long bows are more efficient than what our ancestors used 50 years ago let alone 1000
it seems to me that just a few years ago bows shooting 300 fps were fast now try to find a bow that advertises anything less than that
it amazes me how much ignorance reigns in arguments against the crossbow do some reading or research
crossbows are NOT a gun/bow hybrid they simply a bow that is held horizontaly look at statistics in states were they are legal (ie Ohio) hunting seasons have been expanded and bag limits increased
modern crossbows are no more deadly efficient or have a greater range than any bow on the market today
in fact the arrow used by the crossbow drops faster than your standard arrow due to their weight my 20 inch arrow travels at less than 270 fps and drops about a foot between 30 and 40 yards
how fast is your arrow or is your 1000 year old bow still shooting cedar shafts at less than 200 fps?


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