Snow and cold

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Snow and cold

Postby Nubs » Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:47 pm

Here in Polk County we have received a lot of snow early along with record low temperatures, I can only help but wonder if this is a precursor for the rest of the winter to come.  How are weather conditions shaping up for everybody else in the state?  It would appear as though a harder then average winter is upon us at least from the animals perspective.

I was talking with my farmer who plants the fields on the land I hunt, he was saying that he placed a round bale of hay out in the field behind his house and it has been literally attacked by deer mostly fawns.  It would appear the deer are on the move looking for any food source around since most of it is covered by at least 20in of snow. 

I started a small corn pile about 2 weeks ago and the deer have been pounding the area, they have a huge hole dug up in the snow where I have been dumping the corn. 

I think I know why all the deer I killed this year had a lot more fat on them then normal, I think they knew this was going to be hard winter.  Anybody else notice that?  Some of the does I bet had close to 2 inches of fat on them, I was completely surprised by how much there was. 

So if this weather persists, can we expect much winter die off with the deer herd?  What does everybody else think about this matter?

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