Reaching hunters in the cyber age

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Reaching hunters in the cyber age

Postby retch sweeny » Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:54 am

Wisconsin's state Bowhunting org , Wisconsin Bowhunters Association (WBH) last week unveiled its new website.


[font=arial]For several years it has maintained a members only forum.


[font=arial]One year ago, WBH kicked off its Facebook page.


[font=arial]Over the weekend, WBH began its Twitter account.


[font=arial]Although 70 years old, WBH understands the need to reach the younger, tech savvy sportmen and looks forward to broader outreach beyond just its members. The above cyber outlets allow the org to provide a service to Wisconsin's many bowhunters by reaching more of them as well as gun hunters and all deer, bear, turkey and small game hunters which combined, number around 1 million in number. As matters arise that are of concern to WI sportsmen including deer herd issues, season structures, etc. WBH will now be better positioned to reach a far larger group of sportsmen beyond just member bowhunters to inform them in the fastest, most modern and cost effective ways possible.[/font][/align][font=arial][/font] [/align][font=arial]Wisconsin Bowhunters Associaton formed in 1941and is the nations oldest and largest state Bowhunting organization and. Its mission is to foster and promote the sport of hunting with the bow and arrow.


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