antlerless tags

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antlerless tags

Postby deojee1414 » Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:39 am

I was told over the weekend that the unit i hunt (13) was making over 5000 antlerless tags available. i found that hard to believe since we were a bucks only unit just last year. but i checked the dnr website and sure enough, unit 13 has 5650 antlerless tags available. so in 1 year our unit went from 15% under goal for deer population to being over goal by 33%!!!! those deer must have been busy last fall. nice to see with all the supposed changes going on at the dnr they still have larry, moe and curly doing the herd estimates. i've already decided not to bow hunt up there this year, wont be long before i give up on gun hunting too. maybe i'll join a fantasy football league to spend my time and money on this fall.

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