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RE: Bottleneck help

Postby Proline » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:18 am

Thank 4 the help.  I will be hunting this spot in the PM as my only way into it is to come in from the Southeast side just below the White Oaks.  I will have to skirt the swamp /Oaks up to the bottleneck.  Good point on the short duration.  I have watched this spot for two seasons now through after season scouting and was always amazed at the amount of sign I find in it.  Having hunted it in December trying to get away from the gun hunters I was quickley able to determine that deer had not been there in a long time and are in thick when the whites are dropping.  That will put me in there right off the bat in Mid-October hopefully not to late as the season is opening a week later than usual next year.

Bob Olsen
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RE: Bottleneck help

Postby Bob Olsen » Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:14 am

If it were my property I would first take soil samples of the funnel then lime the Hell out of it, I'm sure it needs it! then I would start working on preparing it for clover all the way thru the funnel.
 When you start figuring out how they move thru there, start planting shrubs to define the shape of the funnel. This will let you set up on them a little easier. Maybe the D.N.R. can give you some Silky Dogwood, Gray Dogwood for a visual block to make the Deer feel secure and something to munch on too.


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