Any one Hunt/ing Baxters Hollow in Sauk County?

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Any one Hunt/ing Baxters Hollow in Sauk County?

Postby Hunter22 » Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:37 pm

A buddy and I are planning on hunting Baxters Hollow in Sauk opening day. We have scouted it a few times and we have seen some sign bet We have not seen any hunters and were wondering if any one has hunted, plans on hunting, or knows people that hunt it. We just want to know if we are going to be running into a bunch of guys that morning. Thanks in advance and Good Luck!

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Re: Any one Hunt/ing Baxters Hollow in Sauk County?

Postby Radar21 » Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:48 am

I am wondering the same thing. The local warden can be loooked up online. Hes is very helpful and should have the scoop about the pressure. I have land nearby, but plan on hunting BH on Monday morning, after the weekend is over. Its just such a nice area I cant see not at least hiking it with gun at hand now thats its opened up. Most of it it is darn remote, and some of it dangerous. you also have to be careful as there is private lands inside of it, with no real markings. Stands must be 50 yards from private property.

Its soo big, that you can get away from pressure if you are willing to hike a bit and pack a deer out. Most of the morons will be within 100 yards of the car.......


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