Need some help!

Describe the most puzzling blood trail you've ever been on.
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Need some help!

Postby mhouck06 » Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:32 pm

My buddy hit a nice 8 point last night. Could not find it tho. I went out with him this morning when I got home from work. Blood trail went about 100 yards before dropping off. There was still some decent snow on the ground, we could not locate his tracks or any more blood to save our lives. So we just canvased the area, with no luck. I left around 10 to get some sleep before work. He continued searching until 12 today. No luck. Its a shame, that would have been his first buck ever. It was a steep shot, about 15 yards from the stand at most. Arrow passed thru and stuck into the ground. When I got there this morning, it was hard to tell what shade the blood was after being in the snow all night. It was light colored in the snow, but darker on the arrow. There was a lot of white hair on the arrow.

The scenario he gave me was this:

At 5:20 pm he saw a buck on a power line about 75 yards off. He rattled and the buck started coming in. I guess the buck was coming in hott so he decided to draw before the buck got into shooting range, as the buck entered the woods, he slowed down some. My friend stayed at full draw until the buck gave him the shot. It was a broad side shot. He said his harness was making the shot difficult, he said the tether to the tree was messing with his draw arm. Anyway, he shot.. he said he is not sure where he hit, but the buck trotted back into the powerline, stood there for a few minutes and then laid down. He texted me at work, I congratulated him and told him to send me a pic. Well what I did not know, was the buck was still alive laying there, for about a half hour. The buck got up, walked a little further and laid down somewhere on the other side of the powerline. (the powerline is loaded with thick underbrush.) My friend gave the deer a few more minutes and got down out of his stand. He checked the arrow, saw it passed thru and walked right over to the first spot the buck laid down at. He said there was not much of a blood pool ( I did not see one this morning ). When he was checking the spot the buck laid down first, he heard him get up and take off. At that point he backed off and called for some back up. I guess they gave it about an hour until the other two guys showed up and started tracking the deer. They followed the deer through a wood patch, about 75 yards wide and into an open field, that is where they bumped the deer again, they think. They did not see him, but they heard a deer take off and cross the field. So they backed off completely. He called in late to work and I got done with work around 6 this morning so we went in and picked up where they left off. Like I said, we lost the tracks and blood and could not find any sign anywhere. I did not see a blood pool where the buck laid down the first time and we are not 100% sure where he laid down the second time or possibly the third time.

My thoughts are that if the deer laid there for 30 minutes with a good hit, there would have been some sort of blood pool on the ground. He is insisting that the blood was light colored last night, this morning tho, it looked darker on the arrow and for being in the snow all night, it looked kind of dark. I told him to get on here and post, but he hasn't so I am... I'll be honest, I have not shot that many deer with my bow, but everytime I have shot one they have taken off fast and expired rather quickly. (knock on wood, I have made pretty decent shots on them) I am curious as to where you guys think he hit him and why the deer just trotted away. The blood trail we followed was not that great compared to other ones I have been on. It was steady drops and then it just sort of petered out.. Looking for any input you guys have..
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