tree stand?

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RE: tree stand?

Postby msbadger » Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:29 am

Well I still have and older summit and I have a tree lounge...not all that light weight nor quiet but I'm not walking big woods and I know that in the tree lounge...well I could fall sound asleep and never fall out....and sshhh...but sometimes the hunt is more of...getting out of the house and away from "things" than it is getting a[;)]

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RE: tree stand?

Postby FFKEVIN » Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:49 pm

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I tried out a buddies Treewalker, and ordered one from them next day.  Much like an Ol' Man, but 100% better.  Comfortable, light, easy setup, won't slip and I mean it won't slip.  Cost is a little more, but well worth it.  You will probably have a hard time finding them unless you go online.  They are a small Mom & Pop type manufacturer, and do as much business as they want to it would seem as I talked to the owner by chance.  Very nice guy who takes alot of pride in his stands, and in the fact that they are 100% American made.  Take a look

Jason Hahn, MS

wannabehuntin -
I purchased the Treewalker Treestand at the Ohio Deer & Turkey Expo 2 years ago, and it is the best and most comfortable stand I have EVER used!  One of my hunting buddies bought one at the expo this year.  It's light, easy to use, and extremely comfortable.  You can sit back toward the tree or sit facing the tree.
There are a ton of good photos on their web site -
I do recommend that you get the chill pad.  It just adds to the comfort level.
You won't be disappointed!!!
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RE: tree stand?

Postby dmcianfa » Wed Sep 24, 2008 9:26 am

I used to have summits, old mans, loggy bayous, you name it.  That was all until I spent a little cash and got myself an lone wolf alpha climber.  This is not a sales pitch, its the god's honest truth.  This stand is solid, reliable, extremely light, easy to climb with and is so stealthy that deer don't seem to glare at me anymore in a tree as with my summits or gorillas.  I don't know what it is but that break up pattern in the mold looks more natural.  It has a built in bowholder, straps to backpack in, little holes for small twigs and branches to go in around the perimeter for cover, it's grippy underfoot, and has a comfortable pedistal seat.  If you want to have armrests and a more all day seat, you can opt for the sit and climb or do like me buy both types of climber seats and take whichever one you want with you depending on how you feel that day.  It is hands down the best climber in the biz.  I will never look back or even consider any other brand.  I recently purchased the elite hang on as well and let me tell you, there is nothing like packing this stand in and just climbing up your tree on your pegs, hang your stand and go.  I have multiple tree hanging straps all over my property and I only need one stand; remarkable.  Now, I use the climber when I go on hunts out of my county or state and the hang on strictly on my land.  I have yet to crawl in anything that surpasses this stand.  I can't seem to stop buying accessories for them on their website either, as they come out with some pretty cool add ons if your willing to part with your hard earned dough.  Just my thoughts over the years!
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