Rage 2 review

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RE: Rage 2 review

Postby HOYTHUNTER » Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:18 am

The best killin broadhead ive ever used! My hoyt shoots 307fps with the rage blade, almost all pass through shots.27 DEER SHOT IN THE LAST THREE YEARS 26 FOUND!!! And 4 were bucks and 23 does,lets just say we had a very unbalanced herd on some property that i leased! In my opinion the best "KILLIN" broadhead made

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RE: Rage 2 review

Postby bludyarrows » Sat Jan 15, 2011 9:13 am

Just as JPH said...it was a marginal shot..we all have or will have that happen. but with a well placed shot the rage does its job.
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Re: Rage 2 review

Postby beaverman05 » Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:31 am

I shot a doe saturday with the 2 blade rage!!!! I had a complete pass through and the entry hole was over 2"!!!!! lets just say im not switching broadheads ever!!!!!

Here is a video of the hunt. you might want to fast forward to about 2:25


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Re: Rage 2 review

Postby cmarberg18 » Mon Nov 07, 2011 7:56 pm

Have been hunting with Rage for the past 4 years and Im sad to say i am done with them. I was their biggest advocate after i shot my buck in 07' but since then I have yet to recover a deer. Had 2 does this year both within 15yards, both with total pass thru's, both deer never recovered. The first could be contributed to human error? She was broadside and with the release and the light up of the Lumenock it appeared to be a slam dunk double lung shot. The deer jumped and ran off but I noticed the arrow(also had the distinct odor of a paunch shot), though it went completely thru the deer landed and stuck in the ground with the tip facing the back side of the deer, instead of the straight line it should have traveled. Now the human error got kicked into overdrive as this was on the 1st Monday of archery season in PA when it was raining. About 5 min after I hit her the sky opened up and it down poured. Needless to say I found 3 drops of blood and not the deer after looking for a day and a half. I will take the blame for the first one. Now fast forward to last Tuesday at approximately 7:20am, once again had a doe at 15yards broadside, but this time she was standing behind a tree with the only thing visible being the front shoulder and enough of the lungs to make a good shot. Again I drew back, released the arrow, and the Lumenock flew true straight into the lung area with a pass thru looking like a good double lung shot. The doe ran about 20 yards, back legs buckled, and she fell over within eye sight of my stand. The arrow stuck in the ground like it should have, but did notice it was a little to the right of the point of exit, but didn't think anything of it. I gave her some time to lay and I got down out of the tree with my drag rope expecting to recover my doe. I picked up the arrow and it too also had the distinct odor and tell tale sign of a stomach shot. So i proceeded over to where the deer had fell with at one point all 4 legs being up in the air, nothing. I got a sick feeling in my stomach at that point. I looked over the hillside being I was hunting on a ledge, maybe she rolled over. Tracked her for about 350yards, over a creek with good blood, and then the room ran out along with the blood. Only 2 ways for her to have ran, along the creek or directly up a steep embankment, I chose to walk the creek out about 1/2 mile with nothing found. So then I walked up on the ridge overlooking the trail if she took the steep grade, still nothing found. The arrow deflected so bad after hitting the front lung it took out it hit her stomach. To me not a good sign, 3 deer I have hit with Rage and all 3 had deflections. The first with my buck was subtle because I was able to recover him, but looking back on that experience he too had an exit wound that did not match up to where I shot him. I am deeply saddened with how I come to realize that these just don't do the trick for me, but for next year I can guarantee Rage wont be on the tip of any of my arrows.

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Re: Rage 2 review

Postby Ohio farms » Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:48 am

This is my third year using rage 2's and, other than the price, have had no complaints. One deer was not recovered...bad shots are bad shots. I'm not sure how an arrow can deflect from hitting a lung though. IMO
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